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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a United Nations Peacekeeper? Now is your chance to find out! 
Our peacekeepers are standing by to answer your questions! Send us your questions and one of our peacekeepers will record a video answer just for you, just like this one!


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What kinds of questions can I ask?
Anything and everything! Here are some sample questions to get you thinking: Why did you decide to become a peacekeeper? What do you miss most about home? What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in Liberia? How do you keep your blue beret in the right shape? You are limited only by your imagination! 

How can I send in my questions?
You can submit your questions in the form above, or get social with us! Send us your questions by Facebook or Twitter. Remember to use hashtag #AskAPeacekeeper so others can follow along too!

Will you answer all of my questions?
Our peacekeepers are busy supporting peace and security in Liberia. They will try to answer as many questions as their schedules allow.

Who will answer my questions?
We have peacekeepers from all over the world working in Liberia. You may get an answer from a UN Police Officer from the Ukraine. You may get an answer from a UN Military Observer from Ecuador. Send in your questions and find out!

Where can I watch my video once it's done?
All of our video responses will be posted on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. So get connected!

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