Peace Consolidation

Peace Consolidation

The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General (including Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator) for Consolidation of Democratic Governance (CDG) supports the mission mandate in the building and consolidation of key governance systems, structures and institutions. The Pillar’s main objectives are to assist the Government of Liberia in consolidating structures and institutions of democratic governance, through support to priority processes in national reconciliation, constitutional reform, electoral assistance, decentralization and the consolidation of state authority.

The Office of the DSRSG provides advice on policy formulation and strategic direction of the CDG pillar as well as cross-cutting mission issues, oversight of residual humanitarian functions as they pertain to the Mission, and guidance and monitoring on the Quick Impact project capacity. It contributes substantively to develop the strategic vision of the pillar and overall Mission and UN efforts in Liberia.

 In reflection of the multi-hatted responsibilities of the DSRSG the Office also liaises and coordinates with the Resident Coordinator’s office on strategic planning and programme integration with the United Nations Country Team. In addition, it provides administrative and coordination support to ensure the most efficient and effective discharge of the functions and responsibilities of the DSRSG/RC/HC.

The Pillar consists of two substantive Sections (Governance Section and Reconciliation and Peace-Consolidation section), the Office of the Gender Advisor, the Humanitarian Coordination Support Office; the HIV/AIDS and Quick Impact Units.

The DSRSG (CDG) is also the Resident Coordinator (RC) for the United Nations Country Team, comprising of FAO, IFC, ILO, IMF, IOM, OCHA, OHCHR, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHABITAT, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNMAS, UNOPS, UN Women, WB, WFP and WHO. He is also the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) in Liberia and this function links UNMIL and OCHA to respond to humanitarian situations, such as the flow of refugees from neighbouring countries to Liberia, contingency planning and strengthening the national capacity for disaster risk reduction.

Sections and Offices- DSRSG for CDG