Office of the Senior Gender Adviser

The mandate of the Office of Gender Adviser (OGA) is to facilitate gender sensitive approaches to the implementation of the Mission’s mandate, drawing on the provisions of the UN Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security. This includes promoting the participation of women in all UNMIL mandated priorities. The current main priorities of OGA include: strategic policy advise and advocacy; gender training and technical support to Mission leadership and UNMIL Components  (Civilian, Police and Military) at the headquarter and the counties; analysis, monitoring and reporting on gender-related issues to support the work of the Mission priorities;  working with UNPOL to support integration of gender in the security sector reform and RoL pillar sections and Field Offices to strengthen case management systems for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), and also in the designing and implementation of a Joint Programme on SGBV.

This also  requires OGA to work with UNMIL Components and UNCT to support national and local partners (civil society, government) to: ensure that women participate and benefit from the on-going reform processes (constitutional review, land reform, elections, decentralization, peacebuilding and reconciliation, legal and policy reform); advocate for increasing women and girls access justice and participation in the governance processes at the national and county levels; and transition of gender responsibilities during UNMIL drawdown through the UN Gender Theme Group and UNMIL taskforces.