• United Nations - “We thank you, for peace in Liberia”

    On 27 March 2018, a farewell for the peacekeeping mission UNMIL was organized by the NGO Liberia Crusaders for Peace in Monrovia. 

    They performed a song dedicated especially to United Nations - “We thank you, for peace in Liberia”. 

    The ceremony brought together stakeholders, including Traditional and Religious Leaders, women and youth groups, into a forum to say “Thank You” to UNMIL for peace and security in Liberia. The ceremony included musical and cultural performances and messages expressing gratitude to UNMIL.

  • Girl Power (12 March 2018)

    Name of Program: Girl Power
    Time: 8:05pm
    Live or recorded: Recorded

    March 12, 2018

    Topic:  “Teen-age Pregnancy;” causes, effects and ways forward to prevent teen-age pregnancy.
     Name of guests/resource persons:  Yessah Lavalah- a registered nurse and core founder of the Mavee Maternity Clinic at the Red Light community including Georgia Manuel, Lorvonne Love Massalay and Rashell Scott- members of the Saving My Sisters Mental Ship Network Organization.

    DISCUSSION: The guests focused their discussion on the effects and causes of teen-age pregnancy on girls’ education, their performances and consequences of having so many teen pregnancies in Liberia.
    The guests also shared wonderful pieces of advice on the importance of teenage pregnancy prevention with the hope that girls would listen and make the most of their teenage by getting an education rather than childbearing.


  • Business & Economics (12 March 2018)

    Name of Program: Business and Economics
    Date: March 12, 2018
    Repeat: March 16, 2018
    Program Time: 9:00am -10:00am
    Program Day(s): Monday and Friday
    Theme or main focus if appropriate:
    The constrains Liberian businesses face and how we can encourage Liberians to do business
    Live or recorded: Live
    Producer: Josephine Ogbodu
    Names of guests/resource:
    Interviews or recorded pieces-subject matter and/or content.
    A lecture on the Definition of Business, The types and forms of business and the characteristics or features of business.
    Outcomes expected/achieved:
    Boast Liberian business sector and the economy.
    How related to UNMIL, PI and Radio Mandate:
    Promoting the business sector

  • UNMIL Radio News At 1 PM (12 March 2018)

    UNMIL radio news at 1 pm on Monday 12 March 2018

  • Dateline Liberia - Monday (12 March 2018)

    Name of Program: Dateline Liberia
    Date: Monday March 12, 2018
    Time 10:00am with a Repeat at 9:15pm
    Duration: 45’
    Producer: Olive Thomas

    Interviews or recorded pieces-subject matter and/or content.

    • The Special Representative of the Secretary General and Coordinator of UN Operations in Liberia, Mr. Farid Zarif says more efforts are needed by the UN and the rest of the world to promote gender equality.
    • The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of freedom of expression and opinion has disclosed that the Weah led administration needs to expand the gains made in Freedom of expression, media independence, and government transparency.
    • The Ministry of Health has confirmed the outbreak of Lassa fever in some parts of the country.
    • The Minister of Labor said his leadership will enforce the 2015 Decent Work Act and other policies governing the sector.
    • The Chief Inspector at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has admonished the consuming public in Liberia to be on full alert in properly checking the kind of goods to consume.
    • The Executive Director of the Rescued and Abused Children in Hardship-REACH said little Armah Geeplay, a child whose hands were severely burnt by her cousin for allegedly eating her food, is faring well and is ready to be flown out of the country for proper medical treatment.
  • Coffee Break - Monday (12 March 2018)

    Coffee Break on Monday March 12, 2018 hosted the following persons :
    Augustine Tumbey / Manager National Adaptation Plans UNDP. Tumbey disclosed that the UNDP and partners were holding a national adaptation inception workshop
    Anderson Miameh-Head of the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia-CENTAL .  CENTAL has  urged President WEAH to lead the process of asset declaration to boost transparency in government
    Joe Gbasakollie- Deputy Country Director/Bridge Intl Academies. According to Gbasakollie, the institution is rolling out a robust program to improve the quality of education in Liberia
    Laurie Page-Spokesperson/Liberia Immigration Service-LIS . Page disclosed that LIS officers were benefitting from fraud detection training in Ghana
    Roland Clarke / Coordinator College of West Africa Class of 1987 . The class has embarked on a project to improve conditions at their former school.

  • Yor Mornin: Monday 12 March 2018

    Name of Program: Yor Mornin
    Date:  March 12, 2018
    Time: 7: am
    Duration: 1hr
    Topic: Citizens’ Perception of the Ministry of Health Mosquito Nets Nationwide Distribution

    1. Did you receive tickets in your communities?
    2. Why is it important for one to sleep under mosquito nets?

    Producer: Josephine Ogbodu
    Interviews or recorded pieces-subject matter and/or content
    We received calls from Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Maryland Counties
    Yor Mornin is an early morning magazine program; its segments are as follows;

    • World Headlines
    • Motivational Talk- –by Ralph Marston
    • Everyday Talk -thirty minute interactive discussion on national and international issues.
    • Stories behind World headlines around the world
  • UNMIL Radio News At 6 & 9 PM (09 March 2018)

    UNMIL radio news at 6 & 9 pm on Friday 03 March 2018

  • UNMIL Radio News At 1 PM (09 March 2018)

    UNMIL radio news at 1 pm on Friday 09 March 2018

  • You and Your Health (09 March 2018)

    Name of Programme: You and Your Health

    Date: March 9, 2018

    Time: Friday 11:30am, repeated Saturday 4:00PM

    Live or Recorded: Live

    Presenter: Josephine Ogbodu

    Theme or main focus if appropriate

    Neglected Tropical Diseases

    Names of guests/resource persons:


    • Anthony Bettee, Scihstomiasis Specialist, Neglected Tropical Diseases Program at the Ministry of Health (MOH)
    • Abraham Nyensueh, National Coordinator, Lymphatic Filiriasis, Neglected Tropical Diseases Program at the Ministry of Health (MOH)