UNMIL Mandate

The Security Council,

  • Decides to extend the mandate of UNMIL as set out in paragraph 11 for a final period until 30 March 2018, and requests the Secretary-General to complete by 30 April 2018 the withdrawal of all uniformed and civilian UNMIL components, other than those required to complete the Mission’s liquidation;
  • Decides that until 30 March 2018, the mandate of UNMIL shall be the following:

(a) Protection of Civilians

(i) To protect the civilian population from threat of physical violence within its capabilities and areas of deployment, particularly in the event of a deterioration of the security situation that could risk a strategic reversal of peace and stability in the country, without prejudice to the primary responsibility of the Liberian authorities for the security and protection of its population;

(b) Reform of Justice and Security Institutions

(i) To advise the Government of Liberia in developing the leadership, internal management, professionalization and accountability mechanisms of the LNP, with a particular focus on elections security;

(c) Human Rights Promotion and Protection

(i) To support the Government of Liberia in carrying out promotion, protection and monitoring activities of human rights in Liberia, with special attention to violations and abuses committed against children and women;

(ii) To support the strengthening of efforts by the Government of Liberia to combat sexual and gender-based violence, including its efforts to combat impunity for perpetrators of such crimes;

(d) Public Information

(i) To continue to communicate, including through UNMIL Radio, with the people and Government of Liberia to promote sustainable peace through the October 2017 elections and 2018 transfer of power and also to raise awareness about UNMIL’s transformation, eventual closure and the United Nations’ continuing engagement in Liberia;

(e) Protection of United Nations Personnel

(i) To protect the United Nations personnel, installations and equipment and to ensure the security and freedom of movement of United Nations and associated personnel; 

  • Authorizes UNMIL to assist as requested and within its capabilities, bearing in mind the responsibility of the Liberian Government, with logistical support, including aviation support, to meet urgent gaps in Liberia’s capabilities for the 2017 presidential and legislative electoral process, including voter registration, in particular to facilitate access to remote areas;
  • Requests the Secretary-General prepare a report for the Security Council within 90 days of the adoption of this resolution that sets out a well-developed peacebuilding plan to direct the role of the United Nations system and other relevant partners, including multilateral and bilateral actors, in supporting Liberia’s transition, emphasizes in this regard the important convening role of the Peacebuilding Commission in the process of developing this plan, further requests that UNMIL work closely with the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) and its component United Nations agencies to implement the results of the UNCT’s mapping exercise to identify ways to address gaps in capabilities to accelerate preparations for UNMIL’s drawdown and closure, in particular the transfer of UNMIL’s tasks on human rights monitoring, rule of law, national reconciliation and security sector reform to the government and the UNCT to ensure continued progress in those areas, urges the Government of Liberia, UNMIL, and the UNCT to coordinate closely in the transfer of these responsibilities, and encourages the international community and donors to support the activities of the UNCT in assisting Liberia’s continued efforts to achieve sustainable peace;
  • Requests the Secretary-General direct UNMIL with support of international partners to facilitate the sustainable transfer of UNMIL Radio’s capabilities and equipment by 30 March 2018 to an independent entity;
  • Requests UNMIL to ensure that any support provided to non-United Nations security forces is provided in strict compliance with the Human Rights Due Diligence Policy on United Nations Support to non-United Nations Security Forces (S/2013/110);