All-female Indian FPU prove women can play a vital role in maintaining peace says outgoing UN Envoy

13 Jan 2012

All-female Indian FPU prove women can play a vital role in maintaining peace says outgoing UN Envoy

The outgoing Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) and Coordinator of United Nations Operations in Liberia, Ellen Margrethe Løj has commended the all-female Indian FPU-1 for leading the way in demonstrating the vital role women can play in building peace and security.


These remarks were made by the SRSG on January 12, 2012 at a ceremony where she honoured UNPOL officers including Indian FPU with UN medals for their remarkable contribution to the peace process in Liberia.

'It is worth remarking, once again, how important this is - first and foremost- because the Indian FPU are professionals undertaking difficult work in challenging circumstances and making a difference. In your work you demonstrate - to the people of Liberia and beyond - how women are capable of contributing to the rule of law through making policing more representative of the whole of the community." said the SRSG

The UN Envoy especially thanked the Indian FPU I contingent and three UNPOL officers for their invaluable contribution to help build sustainable peace in Liberia, in particular during 2011. 'During the election period you were on duty on a continuous basis for weeks - before, during and after the referendum and the elections.'

The SRSG also commended the peacekeepers for their achievements outside their mandated activities and responsibilities, ranging from first aid training to cleanliness campaigns in Liberian schools. "I am also pleased to note that a good number of female students attended your self-defense training. A further contribution to the empowerment of women and confidence building!"

The SRSG further applauded the FPU for their regular anti-crime joint night patrols along with the LNP and UNPOL. "And in performing all these duties you have demonstrated that women as well as men have an important role to play in maintaining peace." said the SRSG