Note to the media

10 Oct 2014

Note to the media

10 October 2014 - This is to clarify the facts regarding measures UNMIL has undertaken to ensure no further transmission of EVD after one of its medical personnel recently contracted the disease.

Following the discovery on 5 October that an UNMIL Medical staff member was symptomatic for Ebola, the Mission conducted robust contact tracing to ensure all people that came into contact with the staff member while they were symptomatic are assessed and isolated as necessary.

As a result of the rigorous contact tracing, 41 staff members who were possible contacts are under close medical observation, including 20 military personnel. This measure is precautionary and meant to ensure no possible further transmission of the disease. None of the personnel who are contacts have shown any symptoms but will be observed for the full 21-day possible incubation period.

Additional precautionary measures have included daily temperature checks and on-going screening at a military facility staffed by 209 personnel in Monrovia.

The mission is also extending the review of all of its actions initiated in the wake of its first, probable, case of EVD, late last month.

The UNMIL Medical staff member tested positive for Ebola on 06 October and is receiving treatment.

UNMIL will continue to do all that it can within its range of capabilities to help roll back the tragedy that is Ebola.


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