Security Council renews UN Mission in Liberia for one year

18 Sep 2012

Security Council renews UN Mission in Liberia for one year

Monrovia, Liberia - Commending the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) for its continuing and significant contribution to maintaining peace and stability in Liberia, the Security Council in its resolution 2066 (2012) has renewed the Mission for one year, until 30 September 2013.

The Council also endorsed UNMIL's transition process.  UNMIL is to reduce its military component to approximately 3750 personnel by July 2015.  The UNMIL police component will increase by 420 persons with the authorised addition of three Formed Police Units over next three years.  This is in line with recent recommendations by the UN Secretary-General.

The future reconfiguration of UNMIL, according to the Security Council resolution 2066 (2012), should be determined considering the security situation and an improved capacity of the Liberian security forces.  UNMIL will support the Government, as appropriate, in strengthening LNP's capacity to manage personnel, and improving training programmes, coordinating these efforts with all national and international partners.

The resolution welcomes the Government's continued efforts to improve governance and the important steps taken to strengthen rule of law.  It encourages the Government, and UNMIL, to address critical gaps to be filled in order to facilitate a successful transition, including by prioritizing tasks, to include the promotion of human rights and reconciliation, to assess security challenges inclusive of the border, to strengthen democratic institutions and to extend state authority and services throughout the country.  

The Council also calls on UNMIL, at the request of the Government and consistent with its mandate, to support the people and the Government to take forward identified priorities, including national reconciliation, constitutional reform and decentralization, while enhancing its support for security sector and rule of law reforms.

The resolution notes that Liberia still faces cross-border security challenges posed by instability in Côte d'Ivoire.  The Security Council calls on the Governments of Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia to enhance their cooperation including in developing a shared border strategy.  UNOCI and UNMIL are also called on to help support the stabilization of the border area.    

The Security Council also welcomes renewed efforts by the Government in coordination with UNMIL to promote and protect the rights of civilians, in particular women and children, women, and to make more progress in combating gender-based violence and sexual exploitation and abuse.

Presenting Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's report to the Security Council earlier this month, his Special Representative for Liberia, Ms. Karin Landgren, said, "with Liberia on the verge of becoming a true success story, the UN Mission must walk a delicate balance:  applauding successes and pulling back our support, while continuing to accompany Liberia in areas crucial to lasting peace."

UNMIL was established in 2003 to support the ceasefire and peace process in Liberia following a fourteen-year civil war. Currently, the Mission has a total strength of approximately 8,000 military troops and 1,400 police personnel.

UNMIL's mandate includes assisting the Government of Liberia to consolidate peace and stability, with national institutions that are able to maintain security independently of a peacekeeping mission to ensure the future stability of Liberia.