SRSG’s Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

17 Aug 2013

SRSG’s Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

As Liberia marks the tenth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, there is much to celebrate in reaching this remarkable milestone.


On this important occasion, I would like to congratulate the Liberian people, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Government for their unwavering commitment to the consolidation of peace and to advancing Liberia’s development.


Liberia’s journey in these ten years has been one of steady progress. Guns in the hands of young people have been replaced by pens and school books. Refugees have returned home with hope for the future, and schools are opening their doors across the nation, to educate future generations of leaders.


The anniversary of Liberia’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement is a chance for us to come together and commit anew to keep working to strengthen the foundations of Liberia’s peace and stability.


In the coming months, the people of Liberia will have an important opportunity to participate in community meetings on revising the constitution to strengthen foundations of a more democratic and just political system. Citizens will also have an opportunity to become involved in processes under Liberia’s reconciliation roadmap, launched in June. In addition, the Government is increasing access to security and justice services for citizens across Liberia, and I encourage young people to seek careers in these fields.

There is much hard work ahead. The participation of committed people in public life, from all parts of the country, is important to preventing a return to the dark days of the past.


Next month the world will mark the International Day of Peace on the 21st September. This offers us one more opportunity to mark Liberia’s achievements and to commit afresh to lasting peace in Liberia and, to honour the memory of family and community members who lost their lives during Liberia’s civil wars by pledging to maintain Liberia’s hard-won peace.