SRSG’s statement following senatorial elections on 20 December 2014

22 Dec 2014

SRSG’s statement following senatorial elections on 20 December 2014

Monrovia, 22 December 2014 – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) and Coordinator of UN Operations in Liberia, Karin Landgren, made the following statement today:

As tallying of the votes cast on 20 December continues across the country, I take this opportunity to commend the people of Liberia for their peaceful participation in the senatorial elections.


In the final week of campaigning leading up to polling day, there were some reports of tension. But we saw many responsible and mature responses by political actors, who guided their supporters to follow a path of peace.


The National Elections Commission (NEC), with limited external assistance, deployed personnel and material into the farthest corners of the land to enable citizens to vote.  Now NEC must tabulate the votes, before certifying the results.


At this critical time, I urge all Liberians to resist reacting to rumors or incomplete returns and await the announcement by NEC of the official results. Acceptance of electoral outcomes, and the resolution of any complaints through the appropriate mechanisms, is fundamental to a safe and peaceful electoral process.


Liberia has already shown the world that even in the most trying of times, with the Ebola Virus Disease not yet fully stamped out, this country has the ability and the will to conduct peaceful democratic processes.  As results are tabulated over the coming days, I call on all Liberians to maintain this spirit.