The Story of UNMIL

This book is dedicated, first and foremost, to the people of Liberia, whose resilience and determination have lifted their country
from the ashes of war to attain 14 years of peace.

It is also dedicated to all United Nations personnel who have worked in Liberia since 2003, and those colleagues who lost their lives
while serving with UNMIL--all of whom made invaluable sacrifices, leaving behind their families and loved ones to help consolidate
and support the peace that Liberians enjoy today.

UNMIL Security guards checking the body temperature of UNMIL staff entering the UNMIL Headquarters. Photo: UNMIL

A Liberian Ministry of Health worker in Monrovia sprays the soles of a colleague’s shoes at an Ebola Isolation Clinic as they leave with blood specimens for testing. Photo: Staton Winter | UNMIL | 11 Jul 14

UN staff and Liberian school children participate in the Clean Liberia campaign at the beach on World Environment Day. Photo: Clement Atitwa | UNMIL | 3 Jun 17