The Story of UNMIL

This book is dedicated, first and foremost, to the people of Liberia, whose resilience and determination have lifted their country
from the ashes of war to attain 14 years of peace.

It is also dedicated to all United Nations personnel who have worked in Liberia since 2003, and those colleagues who lost their lives
while serving with UNMIL--all of whom made invaluable sacrifices, leaving behind their families and loved ones to help consolidate
and support the peace that Liberians enjoy today.

Trainees attend a masonry course organized by Pakistani engineers for local residents in Careysburg. Photo: Staton Winter | UNMIL | 27 May 10

Pakistani troops and Liberian villagers repair a flooded road on the outskirts of Voinjama, Lofa County. Photo: Eric Kanalstein | UNMIL | 3 May 06

Waldemar Vrey, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General, meets members of the Women’s Situation Room in Monrovia. Photo: Emmanuel Tobey | UNMIL | 14 Mar 17

Handover ceremony of the Foya Magisterial Courthouse, supported by a quick-impact project.Photo: Staton Winter | UNMIL | 19 Apr 11

Sianneh Passaue, a female Liberian police officer, stands on night patrol along Old Road in Monrovia. Photo: Christopher Herwig | UNMIL | 14 May 08