The story of UNMIL [Book]: Use of quick-impact project funding in the rule of law sector

Handover ceremony of the Foya Magisterial Courthouse, supported by a quick-impact project.Photo: Staton Winter | UNMIL | 19 Apr 11

6 Apr 2018

The story of UNMIL [Book]: Use of quick-impact project funding in the rule of law sector

UNMIL has utilized quick-impact project (QIPs) funding to great effect in Liberia as part of efforts to strengthen the rule of law, undertaking more than 400 projects and investing approximately US$9 million in infrastructure support and capacity building. This funding stream has been used in the construction and renovation of more than 100 police stations, 65 courts and 55 border posts, with a focus on building rule of law infrastructure across the country. It has supported almost 40 projects at 15 corrections facilities nationwide to not only improve prison infrastructure, but to also support the provision of health services and skills training for prisoners.

Other projects have supplied essential equipment to rule of law institutions such as basic forensics and anti-trafficking equipment and materials to support security agencies in the national response to the Ebola Virus Disease crisis in 2014. Additionally, quick-impact project funding has been used extensively for capacity building across the justice and security sectors, for specialist technical skills training, the development of national training capacities, and to nurture and develop management and leadership capacities. The funds have provided the opportunity for national actors across the criminal justice system to be trained together, developing a common understanding and approach to their work.

Such projects have also been used to support the implementation of UNMIL’s human rights promotion and protections mandate, helping to strengthen the capacity of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights and developing the human rights monitoring and advocacy role of civil society. QIPs have also been utilized to support a more inclusive approach to security sector reform in Liberia, building the engagement of civil society in the sector, and supporting local security councils. QIPs have been an invaluable tool in UNMIL’s work in developing the rule of law in Liberia.