Ten UNMIL Police Officers Awarded with UN Medal

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21 Aug 2017

Ten UNMIL Police Officers Awarded with UN Medal

Monrovia –For their remarkable service to peacekeeping mission in Liberia, 10 UNMIL Police Officers were awarded with UN medals today at UNMIL HQ.

Speaking at the award ceremony, UNMIL Police Commissioner Simon Blatchly, praised the UN Police (UNPOL) for exceptional efforts in equipping the Liberia National Police (LNP). He singled out the conduct of the LNP in the successful management of the public at a recent political rally in Monrovia as a demonstration of the skills they have acquired.

“The rally was well managed by the LNP by most accounts.  I am sure that was due in part to the work that UNPOL has done over the last 12 months and before – the workshops, trainings, community engagements, conflict resolution trainings, the work the Formed Police Units have done with their counterparts, the work on the acts and generally, the new community approach that we are trying to instill within the Liberia National Police” said Commissioner Blatchly.

The awarded UNMIL police officers come from China, Germany, Norway, Poland, Jordan, Romania and United Kingdom.

A medal is presented as award to the police officers serving in mission for at least six months. 

Present at the ceremony were the Director of Mission Support (DMS), David John Penklis, the Chief of Staff, Bibi Eng and the British Ambassador in Liberia, David Belgrove.