UNMIL's QIP project on Genuine Peace and National Reconciliation in Lofa County was launched

Photo: Laura Fultang

4 Apr 2017

UNMIL's QIP project on Genuine Peace and National Reconciliation in Lofa County was launched

Laura Fultang

Voinjama - On 1 April 2017, the Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy (ISPD) launched the UNMIL-funded National Reconciliation Dialogue Quick Impact Project (QIP) in Lofa County. The opening ceremony was attended by about 70 persons including local authorities, community and religious leaders, women, youth and students of the Voinjama Public School. 

The main objective of the project is to ensure peace and unity amongst the people of Lofa County. By creating a forum for dialogue, ISPD aims to bring together people from various religious and ethnic backgrounds, as well as the county leadership to discuss common issues such as land disputes and inter-ethnic/religious tension; and to find sustainable solutions to the problems while fostering peaceful coexistence among Lofa citizens.

During the official opening ceremony, the County Superintendent’s representative called on the people of Lofa to continue to work towards sustainable peace as in the wake of UNMIL’s eventual withdrawal. The Carter Center, a human rights organization, placed emphasis on the need to educate communities on relevant land laws in Liberia. Meanwhile, a youth representative implored on the organisers and donors to replicate the project to other counties since similar issues are faced across Liberia.

UNMIL commended ISPD’s effort in creating this forum and highlighted the United Nations Secretary-General’s 2005 initiative on the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. Recalling residents of the need to build mutual respect among peoples of different cultural and religious identities and to reject extremism and embrace diversity.   

The dialogue is expected to end on 5 April; and keynote speakers will include national representatives of human rights and legal entities.