Pak Med Organizes Ebola Management Workshop

2 Sep 2014

Pak Med Organizes Ebola Management Workshop

Doctors at PakMed Level II Hospital in Monrovia on 22 July 2014 organized a workshop on Ebola management as part of UNMIL’s stepped up campaign against the spread of the virus in Liberia.  UNMIL Radio and UNMIL Outreach units concurrently provide preventive messages on Ebola since the emergence of the virus in Liberia early this year.

Sixteen doctors and paramedics including other UNMIL staff received certificates upon successful participation in the workshop that mainly focused on “practical knowledge and management of Ebola patients”.  The doctors through questions and answers with participants provided essential information about Ebola virus.

Some basic information included wearing of protective suits before handling Ebola or suspected Ebola cases, readiness and preparedness to handle Ebola cases, how to quarantine Ebola patients, incineration of used medical kits, washing and bleaching of hands among others. The participants were also urged not to abandon Ebola patients or suspected Ebola patients for fear of contracting the disease.

Although fatal, Ebola can be prevented by regular and thorough hand washing with soap.