UNMIL finances project on National Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia

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21 Mar 2018

UNMIL finances project on National Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia

Carla Andriolli Feriguetti

21 March 2018, Monrovia – The United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) funded a project to consolidate a grassroots process to define a national policy for peace and reconciliation that prioritizes local voices across Liberia which was finalized by a two-day conference under the theme: “Local Voices for Inclusive reconciliation”.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMIL, Mr. Farid Zarif addressed his keynotes to the public commending Liberia for the peaceful conduct of elections, the advent of a new Government and the successful completion of the United Nations peacekeeping mandate, that all together have established a foundation for a fresh societal project to build a strong prosperous and equitable Liberia.

“Liberia has shown to the world they have matured having learned from their mistakes from the past, and that they are determined not to go back repeating them,”- said Mr. Zarif.

The six-month project started in September 2017 up to March 2018 targeting five counties: Grand Cape Mount, Lofa, Nimba, Rivercess and Sinoe to indentify the main challenges at a grassroots level and formulate solution that supports decentralized reconciliation process to combat low-levels of rural engagement thus that has put the sustainability and credibility of reconciliation in Liberia at risk.

In overall the project consisted in five County Steering Committees, 50 reconciliation dialogue sessions, 25 Town Hall meetings, 25 radio dramas, 75 roundtable programmes and a National Reconciliation Conference to formalize the Counties’ Reconciliation Plans.

The project’s policy alignment is based on the UN Security Council Resolution 2333, 2017 Liberia Peacebuilding Plan, Strategic Roadmap for National Healing, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation and Liberia TRC Final Report.

The project was implemented by Search for Common Ground (SFCG) in partnership with Liberia Peacebuilding Office/Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Independent National Human Rights Commission; Foundation for International Dignity (Lofa); Effective Action to Restore stability for the Masses (Nimba); Tewor Women for Peace and Development (GCM); South-eastern Women’s Development Association (Sinoe); and Carefound Liberia (Rivercess).